Photo London: Prince Gyasi - Fabiola Menchelli - Fatimazohra Serri - Ismail Zaidy

10 - 14 May 2023 

For Photo London 2023, MAĀT is highlighting the new generation of African photographic artists. It is exhibiting a conversation between Prince Gyasi, a Ghanaian artist who has enjoyed dazzling success, Ismail Zaidy, a protégé of Hassan Hajjaj, and the courageous and committed Fatimazohra Serri. These young artists are active witnesses to the resilience of the African continent. They started with basic equipment - smartphones in the case of Gyasi and Ismail - then, brimming with energy, they demonstrate the power and superiority of creative over means. Gyasi can be seen as a pivot between the two Moroccan artists. His work echoes societal issues raised by Serri, while responding to the dreamlike world Zaidy. This conversation is an invitation to dreams and poetry but also to thoughts and reflections on the future of Africa. 


MAĀT will also present the work of Fabiola Menchelli, a Mexican photographer who challenges the boundaries of contemporary photography using a wide variety of digital strategies and experimental techniques.